Our Mission

Rusted Earth is a dynamic farm, studio, and destination committed to sustainability, community, and education.  With values rooted in a deep respect and appreciation for our natural world we aim to be responsible stewards of the land.  We practice organic and sustainable farming techniques and maintain a hands on, personal relationship with our land and animals.  

The Farm

Rusted Earth Farm is is going into it's first growing season!  We are so excited to be experiencing our first spring on the farm and in awe of all the beauty around us as the mountains of Western North Carolina come to life.  We are starting this year with a small organic garden of roots, berries, veggies, and herbs.  Our main focus is on the development of our pastures for our fiber animals.  We have a herd of 17 Navajo - Churro ewes, a rare heritage breed of wool sheep that is slowly coming back from endangered status.  Their fleece is traditionally used in rug making and felting.  We are happy to be part of the effort to bring them back!  In addition to the sheep we have 15 free range chickens, and two Nigerian dwarf goats named Jack and Capitan who work to keep the forest clear of poison ivy.  

On top of starting up the farm this year we are working to bring utilities to the property and convert our barn into our home, workshop and studio.